A little bit about me...

I'm Sarah, the slightly crazy, silly-dancing, always giggling English girl behind the camera. I hope you've found something you like whilst you've been checking out my website! I have a love for natural light and love stories, whether they are between a couple or simply a love story with yourself! 

Why do I love what I do?

I get to witness and be a part of some of the most precious memories you can hold dear. I capture those moments that go unnoticed, those cheeky glances between couples; a secret language. The laughter between old and new friends. A mothers tears as she watches her child make that all important vow. The first week of a new-born babies life and how it is welcomed into your loving family. Those moments make photography worthwhile. 

My aim for every session I have the honour of documenting is to capture the honesty, love and joy of your story. 

If you have any questions or just want to know a little bit more about me, please feel free to pop to my contact page and write me a message. I aim to respond within 24 hours!

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